Upholstery Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction (HWE)
(a.k.a "Steam Cleaning") process:

We protect your flooring during the time we are working in your home by placing very large drop sheets under the furniture piece(s) that we are cleaning.

We pre-vacuum the furniture piece(s) to remove particulates under the sofa cushions, and pet hairs (if applicable) from the fabric surface.

We do a colorfast and fiber test to determine if the dye is stable and will not bleed, and we select a fabric cleaner matched to the type of fiber used in the furniture piece(s).

We apply an upholstery cleaner matched to the type of fiber you have and gently agitate it using a horse hair or soft bristle brushes to lift/suspend soils, oils, and stains.

We then rinse and extract the fabric using our hot water extraction equipment.

During the cleaning process we use an air mover to dry sections of the furniture.  Complete dry times will vary with the humidity factor, but generally be around 2-4 hours.

Note:  Some fabric types can only be dry cleaned. At this time, we do not offer upholstery dry cleaning services.

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Stains:  Not all stains can be removed completely, even with the use of professional spotting agents.  Due to dye characteristics, PH effects, oxidation and other reactions, some stains may be improved, but not completely removed.

HWE comes with the following value added extras!


Includes a FREE application of Upholstery Fiber Protection.  Fiber Protection assists in preventing spills and spots from setting in quickly, giving you a chance to blot out the liquid with a towel before the stain sets in.  It can also enhance the fiber's resistance to soils.


Includes 3 months FREE spot removal service (maximum of 3 visits) for any NEW stains that arise since the time of cleaning.

Products we use in upholstery cleaning

  • Botanical & Eco-friendly cleaners can be used safely on most fabrics and will effectively clean light to moderately soiled fibers.

  • Standard cleaners are effective for "trashed" synthetic fibers (i.e., a microfiber sofa). Trashed would be a sofa with a variety and multitude of stains from pen, marker, wine, coffee, mustard, grease, etc., where you might feel it is time to get a new sofa.  You may be pleasantly surprised as to the degree of improvement possible with a standard cleaner.

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