Shower Maintenace Packages

Package #1 (any Shower Stall up to 150 sq ft in size) $449

Package #2 (any Tub Surround up to 80 sq ft in size) $329

Save an extra 10% OFF package prices, until September 30, 2020

Current promotion may end at any time. HST not included in pricing.

What's included?

Tile & Grout deep cleaning for shower stall walls/floor. In addition, glass doors/frames also included.

Removal of old silicone caulking, and clean/disinfect areas with mold. In addition, areas around glass doors/frames also included, where necessary.

Re-apply new 100% mold/mildew resistant silicone caulking.

*package rate has a built in 35% savings off regular a la carte pricing

Example:  136 sq ft (Shower Stall)

Silicone caulking replaced along the base of the floor (4 sides), and areas around glass doors/frames (where needed)

Example:  72 sq ft (Tub Surround)

Silicone caulking replaced along the top of the bathtub (3 sides)

Call/Text:  416-912-5444