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In-Home Quotation

Not Sure What You Need?

100% of the cost of the Quotation and Measurement Services are refunded back to you when you select us to do the job.

  • We will measure and document for you all the areas you wish to clean.

  • For carpet and upholstery fibers, we will do fiber identification tests, and provide you with some idea of the expected results from the cleaning.

  • For tile and grout cleaning, we will assess the condition and type of the tile/grout you have and provide you with some idea of the expected results from the cleaning, or color sealing application.

  • For shower restoration, if you have combination tiling in your bathroom (ie., 6″x6″ tiles on the shower walls, with a decorative band of 1″x1″ glass tiles, and 12″x12″ floor tiles), we will price it according to the tile sizes in all these areas to reflect the fairest pricing possible for you.

  • For pet urine treatment, we would be using the UV black light to identify the treatment areas.

  • We will provide you with a written quotation that will contain all the measurements taken from each area, along with fiber types of your carpet/area rugs, upholstered items for your future reference.

$29 + HST