Grout Color Sealant

The best way to restore a shower area is with a deep steam clean to reveal the true condition of the shower walls.  If after a full cleaning you notice the grout is water stained and/or aged beyond where cleaning can restore its original look, then a color seal application is the way to go. This process is considered more restoration than cleaning. Our color sealant is designed to restore grout to a like new condition.

  • Grout will no longer be porous

  • Maintains the natural look of the grout … does not look painted

  • You can change the grout color

  • Grout will be uniform in color and breathable to allow for moisture to escape

  • Easier to maintain … stains will lie on top of the sealer

  • Aggressive chemicals are no longer necessary, and can be maintained with environmentally safe cleaners

  • More sanitary

  • Note:  *There must be a little bit of depth in the grout line to hold the sealant

Grout line is slightly indented inwards from the surface of the tile. This depth is needed to allow for the color seal application.

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