Carpet Cleaning

Method 1 – Hot Water Extraction (HWE)
                   (a.k.a "Steam Cleaning")
Method 2 – Very Low Moisture (VLM)
                   (a.k.a "Dry Encapsulation")

Which is better?

  • HWE is the most thorough cleaning you can give your carpets and has been the preferred standard in residential homes.

  • VLM is the least expensive way to give your carpets a clean appearance and is widely used in commercial facilities.

  • The main difference between the two methods is in the rinsing.  There is no rinsing or extracting or sanitizing of the carpet in VLM.  The VLM products are designed with a polymer that "encapsulates" soils and holds it in suspension until it dries and can be vacuumed away.

Stains:  Not all stains can be removed completely, even with the use of professional spotting agents.  Due to dye characteristics, PH effects, oxidation and other reactions, some stains may be improved, but not completely removed.

Furniture:  We are able to move light furniture aside (ie., coffee tables, loveseats, arm chairs, etc.,) during the carpet cleaning process, however, we are unable to move heavy furniture pieces (ie., sofas, sectionals, beds/frames, book shelves, etc.,)  We will clean up to the edge of these larger furniture pieces

Area Rug Cleaning

Available for synthetic, nylon, wool,

or Oriental/Persian area rugs.

Note:  At this time we do not service

jute, sisal, viscose, or silk area rugs.

  • The in-home cleaning process is the same as in broadloom carpets with 2 small exceptions, and is best suited for light to moderately soiled area rugs.

  • For Oriental or Persian area rugs, we always do a colorfast test to ensure dyes are stable and will not bleed onto other areas.  If there is a small amount of color bleed during the test, we may (with the client's consent) apply a "dye loc" product to the rug fibers before applying any cleaning agent.  This will greatly reduce color bleeds during the rinse/extraction process.

  • For in-home area rug cleaning, we are careful to not over wet the backing of the rug, as it is normally placed on top of hardwood flooring.

HWE comes with the following value added extras!


Includes a FREE application of Carpet Fiber Protection.  Fiber Protection assists in preventing spills and spots from setting in quickly, giving you a chance to blot out the liquid with a towel before the stain sets in.  It can also enhance the carpet fiber's resistance to soils.


Includes 3 months FREE spot removal service (maximum of 3 visits) for any NEW stains that arise since the time of cleaning.


Includes a free bottle of professional ready-to-use spotter.  Great for coffee, wine, tea, juices, and pet stains.

Products we use in carpet cleaning

  • Botanical & Eco-friendly cleaners can be used safely on most carpet fibers and will effectively clean light to moderately soiled fibers.

  • Standard cleaners are effective for "trashed" synthetic fibers (ie., nylon, acrylic, polyester, olefin). Trashed would be carpets or area rugs with a variety and multitude of stains from pen, marker, wine, coffee, mustard, grease, etc., where you might feel it is time to replace the carpet or area rug.  You may be pleasantly surprised as to the degree of improvement possible with a standard cleaner.

  • For VLM (Dry Encapsulation) we use an EPA certified (Design For the Environment) program product.  Note:  this is not a botanical based product and has a very mild scent.

If you have small children that play on the carpet and frequently put toys they pick up from the floor into their mouths, we recommended our botanical cleaner.

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