Cannabis & Tobacco Odor Removal

Remove tobacco/cannabis odors on a molecular level!

We provide a Thermal Fogging service.  This powerful heat activated odor counteractant uses highly purified petroleum solvents and odor control essential oils to create a vapor barrier that prevents tobacco related odors from permeating living spaces.


Thermal Fogging sends tiny droplets of deodorization solution into the same crevices where smoke and odors go. During the fogging process, humans and pets have to be out of the room or vehicle.  The process needs 30 minutes to work and another 60 minutes to air out afterwards.

Thermal fogging a 10 ft x 15 ft room

$180 + HST

  • Light vehicles (passenger cars, vans, limos, pick-ups trucks, and SUVs) are a flat rate of $40 + HST

Call/Text:  416-912-5444